Introducing wagtailcomments_xtd

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Some of you probably already know django-comments-xtd. For those who don't know yet, this is a pluggable comments system for your django apps. I like to implement it in new websites creation because of its features:

  1. Thread support, so comments can be nested.
  2. Customizable maximum thread level, either for all models or on a per app.model basis.
  3. Optional notifications on follow-up comments via email.
  4. Mute links to allow cancellation of follow-up notifications.
  5. Comment confirmation via email when users are not authenticated.
  6. Comments hit the database only after they have been confirmed.
  7. Registered users can like/dislike comments and can suggest comments removal.
  8. Template tags to list/render the last N comments posted to any given list of app.model pairs.
  9. Emails sent through threads (can be disable to allow other solutions, like a Celery app).
  10. Fully functional JavaScript plugin using ReactJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Remarkable and MD5.

Awesome, isn't it?

So, as you understood, wagtailcomments-xtd will allow you to manage the xtd's comments directly through the wagtail administration. Nothing awesome their. Just useful.

For now, you can only browse the comment list, unpublish and hide the comments.

wagtailcomment_xtd pages list

wagtailcomment_xtd comments list

For information, the repo is on github.